Katrineholm, Sweden
Competition entry, 2014

The proposed building stretches along the north side of the central square in Katrineholm, framing the plaza in front of it and creating a barrier to the train tracks and station. 

The entrance level consists of a series of vaults with spaces for shops and a restaurant that connects the square with the street on the other side. The pointed angle of the vaults recurs on the roof as well but is also a reference to the arcade that previously inhabited the site. Three floors and a top level provide a total of 30 apartments, ranging in size from 60 to 85 m2, all of them with balconies facing the square and entrances to the north.

The building is constructed around a simple concrete structure with additional walls made of cinder blocks. An extra layer of open brickwork wraps around the building, creating a screen both to the street and to the square.

 The brick screen shields the apartments both acoustically and visually without obscuring any views while large window partitions allow the apartments to expand onto the balconies behind the brickwork. The textile quality of the screen gives the building a look that varies throughout the day.

The characteristic undulating roofline of the top floor is easily recognizable for bypassing train commuters, creating a landmark silhouette without towering above the square. The facade with its even pattern of openings and protruding balconies form a strict motif while its transparency makes it light.

Competition entry done together with Tobias Appelbäck.