"X", #FL014
Dalsland, Sweden
Competition entry, 2015

”X” is our entry to a competition for a new type of house for Dalsland, a western region in Sweden. The central theme for the house is the double diagonal divison of the square footprint, hence the name ”X”. This X divides the house into four cardinal points and an equal number of rooms. As one moves around the X, the scenery and room change simultaneously.

With all the rooms being the same size, taking up an equal part of the facade, ”X” forms a highly modular system. Depending on the conditions on the site, it’s easy to switch the placement of, for instance, the bedroom and the living room. The roof, divided into four equal square parts, can also be rotated and combined in different ways to create a unique appearance.

”X” is constructed from cross-laminated timber and delivered as elements, ready to be assembled on site. The elements are self-supported, no need for beams or trusses, which simplifies the process and reduces construction time.