The silhouettes of Kinnarps, #FL024
Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sweden
Completed, 2016-2017

The Silhouettes of Kinnarps was the Swedish furniture-maker’s stand at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017. The design was a joint operation with the creative director Johan Ronnestam, who recently created a new brand platform for the company. 

The monochrome, semi-transparent construction honoured the brief’s requirements of a closed environment while still providing a glimpse of what was happening inside – silhouettes. The route through the stand provided a sequence of different spaces through several layers of transparency. On either end, at the entrances, were the product displays. These were also monochromatic, with all furniture, props, walls and flooring in a single colour. In between the displays there was a volume in two levels, with the first floor housing a couple of smaller meeting spaces and an exhibition space.

The central tower of the stand was an open vertical space devoted to celebrating Kinnarps' 75th anniversary. This small exhibition contained a number of displays showcasing Kinnarps' history and future. Through the atrium, visitors could reach a second floor containing a bar that offered a more secluded space as well as an opportunity to study the monochrome product displays and the exhibition from another viewpoint. 

The stand received the Editor's Choice as best stand of the fair.

Photo: Åke E:son Lindman