Hem HQ, #FL025
Stockholm, Sweden
Completed, 2017

The new head office and showroom for online furniture retailer Hem is located on the ground level of a brass-clad art museum on the border of Vasaparken, Stockholm. The brief was to create a multi-functional interior space – one that could serve as an everyday office and also display Hem's furniture products in the glazed facade. Förstberg Ling collaborated with Hem's design studio to develop the interior and the result is flexible yet simple, enabling Hem to use the space as a showroom, an office, and even to host occasional events.

The flexibility was achieved with a set of zig-zagging screens of different heights that simultaneously create smaller spaces along the glass and shield the main office area. The fronts are either black, in birch veneer or with a stainless steel finish, while the reverse side reveals the wooden birch structure. Other additions include a black monolithic meeting room, a generous storage wall behind beech doors and an anthracite curtain on the back wall. 

The simple geometry of the new additions work as a backdrop for the additional furnishing of the office. The furniture, including the long, wooden work tables, are all Hem products. Green plants are scattered throughout the studio adding warmth and life to the space.

Photo: Erik Lefvander